It is a good idea to listen to these people and prepare seeing an Intravenous Radiologist instead of a neurologist. Don't let neurologists diagnose you with MS

Vascular Medicine needs to be heard


Change the game by taking control of your life


The TEDMED video that introduced me to functional Medicine and taught me that their was a better way to good healthcare and at it's core it's not allopathic Medicine as practiced by conventional medicine

Andrew Weil —broadly referred by this name preceded by "Dr.", or simply as Dr. Weil—is an American physician, author, spokesperson, and broadly described "guru" for holistic health and integrative ...Wikipedia

Suspect MS (Multiple Sclerosis) don't let your first stop be a neurologist and have him or her label you with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) but get your Family Doctor to refer you to an Interventional Radiologist. If needed they can do CCSVI Venoplasty but not in Canada it's still illegal here

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) not just neurological at all but instead neurovascular

IR (Interventional Radiologists) could have helped me earlier in the coarse of my disease like when it first appeared but neurology filled me with experimental meds that did nothing for my MS disease but created a great many misfortunes to my Lifestyle and health. A big mistake was to follow neurology The right thing to do would have been to find a good interventional radiologist

I have found this small hand held fan very good and convenientat keeping me cool and comfortable


Some of the many things interventional radiology does and it does it in a minimally invasive way

Things that it does for people who have been diagnossed with Multiple Sclerosis by a neurologist. Some people like me are looking for symptom control and the possibility of a more physicaly enabled future

Finding Interventional Radiology help around the WORLD

 MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for my experience was not an autoimmune disease at all. I followed the autoimmune theory through Neurology and I missed many of life's great moments and watched my capabilities diminish as my EDSS rose from nothing to probably 7 plus 

CCSVI & MS the distinction.

Being able to make the distinction early in the coarse of the disease can save the quality of your life

Multiple Sclerosis is properly understood as a neurovascular syndrome; containing both a neurological component and a vascular component As understood on Tuesday May 31 2016

1, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a Neurological condition

2. CCSVI (Chronic Cerebral  Spinal Venous Insufficiency) is a vascular condition and I believe left untouched it leads to Multiple Sclerosis

Biggest mistake I made was not doing CCSVI Venoplasty early in the coarse of my disease preferably when my EDSS was below 1.5 but instead I followed the lead of my neurologist and tried their drugs to no eval until my EDSS was probably above 7 and I was a quadriplegic unable to do anything for myself even as simple as eating, bathing, dressing and other basic rudimentary things of living

CCSVI - The Solution in Six Minutes - Hubbard Foundation - CCSVI

CCSVI - Multiple Sclerosis and the Immune System - David Hubbard MD - CCSVI

"If you hadn't noticed, the importance of proper Venous drainage related to the Immune system, and NEED for so called Multiple Sclerosis to be treated as Vascular issue!"