How I think the whole Multiple Sclerosis Dilemma happened to me and some variation may have happened to you but this happened to me.

The problems for me was:

  1. Epigenetics - From Discover Science for the curious

    Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

    Your ancestors' lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain.

    By Dan Hurley|Thursday, June 25, 2015

  2. Stress - Stress is a big factor in many ailments -

    Christopher Bergland

    Christopher BerglandThe Athlete's Way

    Cortisol: Why “The Stress Hormone” Is Public Enemy No. 1

    5 simple ways to lower your cortisol levels without drugs

  3. Diet - Many don't eat well largely because of a busy lifestyle don't have time to cook or I was busy all day I will stop for a hamburger

  4. Both Bad nature and bad nurture - 
  5. Time - The major factor that was used against me by neurology to keep me on the very wrong path of neurodegeneration. Eventually I gave up on neurology and found myself a vascular specialist and said to myself that I would never see a neurologist again

Putting the vascular into the neurological.

completing the equation now known as neurovascular.

Now something can be done with the disorder the neurologist labeled us with - no more unnecessarily destroyed lives.

  1. Dr.Campalani
  2. campalani.MP4

"It has been found that many people with MS have blocked internal jugular veins. Many also have a blocked azygos (chest) vein. The blockage of these critical veins prevents adequate drainage of blood from the brain and spine.

This venous disorder is called Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI). A growing number of vascular specialists believe that CCSVI contributes to the symptoms of MS. Others believe it causes MS.

 There is a long history of science which indicates that vascular abnormalities are associated with MS.

 Other neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, may also be associated with CCSVI."

Improving Quality of Care Through Disease Management

Principles and Recommendations From the American Heart Association’s Expert Panel on Disease Management

David P. FaxonLee H. SchwammRichard C. PasternakEric D. PetersonBarbara Joyce McNeilVincent BufalinoClyde W. YancyLawrence M. BrassDavid W. BakerRobert O. BonowLynn A. SmahaDaniel W. JonesSidney C. SmithGray EllrodtJerilyn AllenSanford J. SchwartzGregg FonarowPam DuncanKatie HortonRenee SmithSteve StranneKenneth Shine


It is a good idea to listen to these people and prepare seeing an Intravenous Radiologist instead of a neurologist. Don't let neurologists diagnose you with MS

Vascular Medicine needs to be heard

Lymphatics and the immune system

Researchers Find Altering Link Between Brain, Immune System

Dissecting Science: Your Amazing Brain "The Immune Dimension of Brain Function"

Jonathan Kipnis

CCSVI Australia

Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency


"Welcome to CCSVI Alliance!
Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) is a recently documented vascular condition that may profoundly change the way we think about MS and other neurological diseases."
A life time of suffering removed by identifying a condition - CCSVI and developing a simple means of treatment - CCSVI Venous Angioplasty


"The ISNVD is dedicated to the dissemination and review of new concepts in etiopathogenesis, novel diagnostics and modes of therapeutic treatment in the diseases of the neurovasculature. The society does not endorse specific products, treatment modalities or procedures but encourages the free exchange of information which may lead to peer reviewed research and clinical studies."

L. Grozdinski, MD [Stem Cell Therapy | CCSVI Symposium 2011 - 38 of 46]

Doctors' Roundtable Discussion: CCSVI Overview

Salvatore Sclafani, MD [Intravascular Ultrasound | CCSVI Symposium 2011 - 25 of 46]

Change the game by taking control of your life

The TEDMED video that introduced me to functional Medicine and taught me that their was a better way to good healthcare and at it's core it's not allopathic Medicine as practiced by conventional medicine

The despair of MS and the promise of CCSVI - Hope has arrived

Andrew Weil —broadly referred by this name preceded by "Dr.", or simply as Dr. Weil—is an American physician, author, spokesperson, and broadly described "guru" for holistic health and integrative ...Wikipedia


Suspect MS (Multiple Sclerosis) don't let your first stop be a neurologist and have him or her label you with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) but get your Family Doctor to refer you to an Interventional Radiologist. If needed they can do CCSVI Venous Angioplasty but not in Canada it's still illegal here

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) isnot just neurological at all but instead neurovascular

IR (Interventional Radiologists) could have helped me earlier in the coarse of my disease like when it first appeared but neurology filled me with experimental meds that did nothing for my MS disease but created a great many misfortunes to my Lifestyle and health. A big mistake was to follow neurology The right thing to do would have been to find a good interventional radiologist

 MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for my experience was not an autoimmune disease at all. I followed the autoimmune theory through Neurology and I missed many of life's great moments and watched my capabilities diminish as my EDSS rose from nothing to probably upward of 7



CCSVI & MS the distinction.

Being able to make the distinction early in the coarse of the disease can save the quality of your life

Multiple Sclerosis is properly understood as a neurovascular syndrome; containing both a neurological component and a vascular component As understood on Tuesday May 31 2016

1, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a Neurological condition

2. CCSVI (Chronic Cerebral  Spinal Venous Insufficiency) is a vascular condition and I believe left untouched it leads to Multiple Sclerosis

Biggest mistake I made was not doing CCSVI Venous Angioplasty early in the coarse of my disease preferably when my EDSS was below 1.5 but instead I followed the lead of my neurologist and tried their drugs to no eval until my EDSS was probably above 7 and I was a quadriplegic unable to do anything for myself even as simple as eating, bathing, dressing and other basic rudimentary things of living

CCSVI - The Solution in Six Minutes - Hubbard Foundation - CCSVI

CCSVI - Multiple Sclerosis and the Immune System - David Hubbard MD - CCSVI

"If you hadn't noticed, the importance of proper Venous drainage related to the Immune system, and NEED for so called Multiple Sclerosis to be treated as Vascular issue!"

Find a Lyme-Literate Doctor

It may take a bit of research and digging, but it IS possible to find a Lyme-literate medical doctor (LLMD).  It is unlikely that you will find one in Canada, however.  Most Canadian physicians will not treat Lyme with long-term antibiotics.  If there still are a few who will, then they are keeping a low profile, and it may be very difficult to find them.

In the U.S., like in Canada, most family doctors and infectious disease specialists side with the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America), and stick with the extremely flawed and outdated guidelines set out by this organization.

You need to find a physician who belongs to ILADS, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.  This physician will evaluate your situation and make a clinical diagnosis of your condition.  He/she will devise a treatment plan that is best for YOU, depending on how you respond to the medication.

So where do you find one of these physicians?  My suggestion is that you contact a Lyme support group in a nearby state in the U.S.  The individuals running the support groups have names of doctors that they can share with you.  

You can also contact the following organizations for physician referral:
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme)
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)
Tick-Borne Disease Alliance
Lyme Disease Network (LymeNet)
Lyme Disease Association
Lyme Disease Association of Ontario
Or check out this website

Here are some other good resources:

Chronic Lyme Disease

Why is Chronic Lyme Disease chronic?

Lyme Disease - Illness of Ignorance (6min Brief on Lyme) [HD]

Lyme Disease- Natural Solutions

Brain Health Interview with Dr Klinghardt

Overview of Innate Immunity, the Microbiome, and the Integrated Immune Response

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme Disease

Episode #15: Klinghardt Conversations with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD



Understanding Chronic Lyme Disease Complex and It's Treatment